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  • Product Feature: 3 Person Bench (U4) Ultra-Low-EMF Carbon Fiber Sauna

    3 Person Bench (U4) Ultra-Low-EMF Carbon Fiber Sauna

    This sauna is perfect for three people, or for one person to stretch out. Made from Canadian hemlock and high-quality materials, this sauna is affordable, attractive, and very easy to assemble.

    Easy Assembly

    It typically takes about an hour to assemble the sauna. You may want a helper with larger models.

    Free Shipping

    We ship this sauna for free to select Canadian metropolitan areas. Enter your postal code here to check to see if you are in an area that qualifies for free shipping.

    Sauna Specifications

    Capacity 3 Person
    Seating Type Bench
    Dimensions 63" x 45" x 76.5"
    Adjustable Temperature 77°F to 151°F
    Weight 375 lbs (460 lbs on Pallet)
    Packaging 3 Boxes - Fast, Easy Assembly
    Wood Material Canadian Hemlock
    Wall Thickness 6mm thickness (interior and exterior Hemlock) with 1.58" inner frame
    Warranty 7 yrs on Heaters
    7 yrs on Cabinet
    7 yrs on Electrical
    1 Year on Stereo
    Construction Tongue & Groove Walls
    Non-Toxic Glues Interior
    Non-Toxic Finish on Exterior
    Heater Life 20,000 Hours
    Heaters 9 PURETECH Carbon Fiber Far Infrared
    3 on Back Wall
    2 on Side Walls (1 each side)
    2 on Front Wall
    1 on Front of Bench
    1 on Floor
    FAR Infrared Wavelengths 8.0 - 12.0 Microns
    Watts 2200 Watts
    Power Usage / Amps 110 Volt / 20 Amps
    Certifications ETL and CETL Approved
    Electric and Magnetic Field (EMF) Rating Ultra Low EMF = Less than 3 milligauss. Actual tests show 1 to 2 milligauss at heater surface.
    Understanding EMF EMF Info PDF
    Warm Up Time 20 to 30 Minutes
    Timer 90 Minutes
    External Digital Controls Yes
    Internal Digital Controls Yes
    Door with Window Yes
    Crown Molding Yes
    Cup/Drink Shelf Yes
    Towel Rack Yes
    Magazine Rack Yes
    External Lighting Yes
    Internal Lighting Color Therapy
    AM/FM CD Player with Speakers Yes (includes MP3 input)

    Questions About This Sauna?

    For more information and images of this sauna, visit the product page here. You can also contact us through any of the methods listed here.

  • Cold Plunges and Saunas

    cold plunges and saunas photo by Math at hu.wikipedia

    Cold and cool water plunges have long been a popular part of using a sauna. Users often  cool off in a shower or pool throughout their sauna session and afterwards. In warm weather, sessions may begin with a cold rinse. Cold plunges are not to be confused with polar plunges--cold plunges are usually kept around 50 to 55 degrees, and polar plunges are usually at freezing temperatures.

    Cold Plunges Have Been Around a Long Time

    The history of cold plunges go all the way back to the fifth century B.C.  Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks all used cold baths for health reasons. For more than 1000 years, Scandinavians have taken post-sauna plunges and plunge pools have been used as part of treatment in Chinese medicine.

    What are the Health Benefits of Cold Plunges?

    Cold plunges are used by sauna users and athletes alike for their rejuvenating benefits. It is believed that cold plunges have the following health benefits:

    • The cold shock causes the body to release norepinephrine--a stress hormone and neurotransmitter--and epinephrine (also known as adrenaline), which causes a sense of invigoration.
    • Going from hot to cold elevates the pulse rate and increases circulation.
    • Following a sauna session with a cold shower has been shown to reduce rheumatoid arthritis pain and improve circulation, which reduces vasoconstriction and hypertension.
    • Cold immersion improves the body's antioxidant capabilities and increases white blood cells.
    • The body's resistance to respiratory infections improves .
    • Recovery time from exercise aches and pains is reduced.
    • Immersion in cold water causes the release of cytokines and other chemicals that can boost the immune system.
    • The cold water activates nerves in the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system controls involuntary muscles like the heart. Repeated use of cold plunges can stabilize blood pressure.

    Cold Plunges are not for Everyone

    Rapid temperature changes can shock the system, which makes cold plunges potentially dangerous for some individuals. People with cardiac problems and blood-pressure issues, as well as pregnant women, should avoid cold plunges.


  • Outdoor Sauna or Indoor Sauna?

    Having your own sauna is a great investment in your physical and mental health. If you are a new sauna owner, however, the world of saunas can be a little daunting! The first thing you really need to decide is whether you want an outdoor sauna or indoor sauna. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. Choosing between the two boils down to your own preference, available space inside or outside your home, and your budget.

    Indoor Saunas

    outdoor sauna or indoor sauna

    Being located indoors means that indoor saunas, in general, have better access to electricity and water. This makes for easier, quicker, and cheaper installation as there may be no need for water hook-up or wiring installation. You also wont need to insulate the sauna against weather, as your home will be providing that protection. Often, indoor saunas make use of one or two exisiting walls, which reduces construction costs. Often, you can easily convert an existing room. Best of all, the sauna is located very conveniently and is comfortably accessible regardless of weather.

    The drawbacks are that you will lose space or maybe even an entire room to the sauna. You will need to create proper ventilation for the sauna, and it also may be difficult to create proper drainage. Overall, however, indoor saunas are the more affordable of the two options.

    Some great indoor saunas offered here at include the 2 Person Corner Carbon Fiber, DYN-6225 LeMans and the RED CEDAR 4 Person Carbon Fiber, MX-K406.

    Outdoor Saunas

    outdoor sauna or indoor sauna photo by Härmägeddon via Wikimedia Commons

    Outdoor saunas have benefits indoor saunas can't offer. Because they are constructed outside, you are only limited by the available outdoor space and your imagination. Also, you can build an outdoor sauna to take advantage of a good view or good light. They are also easier to ventilate and drain.

    However, as it is exposed to the elements, you will need good quality outer paneling and insulation, which increases the cost over an indoor sauna. You'll also need to consider hiring a contractor to ensure all wiring for the sauna is up to code. The sauna will also need a solid foundation and you may need to run wiring and plumbing out to it. These all tend to increase the cost. However, you don't sacrifice any space inside your home, and an outdoor sauna can be an attractive addition to your property. It's also much easier to host sauna parties with an outdoor sauna.

    What kind of sauna do you think you'd prefer? Or tell us which kind you already have! Leave your comments below.

  • Sauna Meditation

    Sauna Meditation Stillness and clear mind, by Alice Popkorn
    "Meditation" and "mindfulness" are terms we hear a lot nowadays. Once the purview of more exotic Eastern cultures, they are now firmly entrenched in Western societies and are considered important elements of a healthy lifestyle. Combine meditation with sauna use and you have a recipe for achieving harmony in your mental and physical health.

    What Can Sauna Meditation Do For Me?

    Meditation has physical benefits as well as mental health benefits. Here is a list of 100 things meditation does for you. A few of my favorites are:
    • It increases exercise tolerance.
    • It reduces anxiety.
    • It boosts the immune system.
    • It lowers cholesterol levels.
    • It increases serotonin levels, leading to improved moods.
    • It increases concentration and focus.
    • It reduces instances of insomnia.

    How Do I Meditate in the Sauna?

    It is very easy to slip into a meditative state in a sauna: the increased temperature causes physical relaxation, which promotes introspection and a sense of calmness. This leads to an altered state of consciousness. You become hyper-aware of your body and of every drop of sweat on your skin, of sensations you might typically ignore. This hyper-awareness is the doorway to the meditative state.
    If you're new to meditation, here's how to start:
    1. Sit upright, but not stiffly, with your back against the sauna wall. Place your hands softly in your lap.
    2. As your body adjusts to the temperature, allow your eyes to fall closed. Breathe through your mouth. Pay attention to the sensation of breath moving in and out of your body.
    3. Relax your body. Think about stress leaving your body with every drop of sweat. If you feel any part of your body becoming tense, focus on softening the muscles in that area, letting them relax.
    4. Relax your mind. Let thoughts and worries leave your body with the sweat. If you feel thoughts surfacing, let them fall away. Try to make your brain feel "soft". If you have trouble with this, try to focus your thoughts on the way the air feels around you, or on your breathing.

    Eventually you want to get to a state of perfect relaxation, with your body breathing softly and your brain unthinking. Let sensations and thoughts pass through you. Allow none of them to stop and settle in your muscles or your mind.

    Meditation Aids

    Some people find it helpful or pleasurable to use meditation aids to facilitate a state of relaxation. Aids include:

    Music--Soft classical or instrumental music can relax without distracting. There are many CD compilations and mp3 playlists specifically for meditating. Buddhist chanting is also popular. Many saunas have built-in CD players or mp3 outlets, which are preferable to wearing headphones or earbuds: sauna temperatures could ruin electronics not designed for sauna use and having the devices on your person could distract from meditation.

    Aromas--Certain aromas can contribute to relaxation and aid in meditation. Other aromas can be quite stimulating, so choose aromas with care. Popular choices includes herbs such as sage and cedar. Korean saunas like to incorporate mugwort. You can sprinkle herbs onto the sauna rocks, warm them in a metal pan set on the heater, or hang them from the ceiling. Take care they don't burn, as the smoke will be unpleasant and could damage the sauna. Another option is essential oils, which can be mixed with the sauna water and poured over the rocks. Lavender and chamomile are popular essential oils and are conducive to relaxation. Oils can also burn, so use them carefully. Mix the oil into the water outside of the sauna, as bottles should never be taken into the sauna.

    Color--Though your eyes will be closed, the color of your surroundings will have a subtle effect on your ability to relax and meditate. Certain colors are known to stimulate or subdue. Many sauna models come with color therapy lighting options. Choose blues or purples for the most relaxing effect. Never take lights or light gels into the sauna that are not designed for sauna use.


    • Meditation take practice. If you find you are having trouble relaxing and emptying your mind, keep trying. Practice daily for a few minutes at a time and build up to longer periods of meditation.
    • Do not meditate alone or, if you do not have a meditation partner, set an alarm for yourself. You do not want to inadvertently fall asleep in the sauna, as that can be very dangerous.


  • Sauna-Like Products: Thinking Outside the Cedar Box

    When is a sauna not a sauna? A sauna is generally defined as a room or house kept at high temperatures to induce sweating. If you move those high temperatures outside of the room or house, is it still a sauna? Here are a few products that feature some of the elements of a sauna, but outside of the traditional wooden box.

    Sauna Pants

    sauna pants

    Slip on these bright orange shorts, plug yourself in, and start sweating in minutes. These sauna pants claim to help you lose water weight in just the areas covered: the abdomen, thighs, hips, and lower back. Can also relieve muscle tension and joint pain in those areas. Does it work? Try it out and let us know!

    Sauna Suits

    sauna suits

    Used by athletes looking to drop weight quickly or who simply want to heat up their workout. These seem to be particularly popular with boxers. They come in a variety of styles, from sleek to not-so-sleek, so there's plenty of options to choose from based on your budget.

    Facial Saunas

    facial sauna

    This handy gadget focuses steam on the face and neck to open pores and hydrate skin. As an added bonus, it also clears nasal and sinus passages. A great device for allergy sufferers! And it only looks a little bit like a popcorn popper.

    Pet Sauna Beds

    pet sauna bed

    Yep, a sauna bed for your cat or dog. These stylish beds use Far-Infrared heat technology to warm and soothe your pet without risk of burning. These beds are especially great for older pets with arthritis.

    Know any sauna-like products we could put on this list? Comment and let us know!

  • 2014 European Sauna Marathon

    There's still time to sign up for the 2014 European Sauna Marathon in Otepää, Estonia! Signups are open until January 26, 2014, and the marathon takes place on February 2, 2014. The event is free to enter. You just have to get yourself to Estonia.

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