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Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • Sauna Sound Therapy

    Sauna Sound Therapy Image by melintelinas via DeviantArt

    Many of our sauna models come with built-in speakers and mp3 inputs. While it's definitely nice to listen to your favorite songs while detoxing, did you know you can use these audio features to benefit your health? It's called sound therapy, and it pairs really well with sauna use.

    Check out our sauna models with built-in mp3 input.

    What is Sound Therapy?

    Sound therapy is the use of any kind of sound to achieve a number of different health benefits. These sounds can be songs--often classical or instrumental music is used, but mellow vocals are also suitable. Sound therapy can often use natural sounds such as rain, trickling water, bird song and so on. Lastly, sound therapy sometimes uses white noise or repetitive sounds such as beeping , chanting, or ringing noises. Regardless of the type of sounds used, it should suit the desired effect.

    What are the Benefits of Sound Therapy?

    The benefits of sound therapy are extensive, ranging from alleviating anxiety to losing weight to developing social skills. Here are just a few of the many ways to use sound therapy:

    • Reducing anxiety
    • Relieving pain -- Songs with personal meaning especially can help reduce pain. Perhaps this is one reason why we listen to music after a break up?
    • Losing weight -- Listening to music while eating slows the rate at which you eat, which causes you to feel fuller while eating less. It can also make your food seem to taste better.
    • Lowering blood pressure and heart rate
    • Increasing blood pressure and heart rate
    • Increasing endorphin levels
    • Relieving muscle tension
    • Improving motor skills
    • Rebuilding physical patterning skills
    • Improving immune function
    • Sharpening mental acuity
    • Assisting in relaxation
    • Enhancing memory and learning
    • Increasing concentration

    And if that's not enough, here's an even bigger list of benefits:


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