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Infrared Sauna FAQ - Canada

How do I use an infrared sauna?
What health benefits can an infrared sauna provide?
What's the difference between ceramic and carbon heaters?
In what ways is an infrared sauna better than a traditional sauna?
Where should the infrared sauna be installed?
How do I clean the outside of the sauna? What cleaning products can I use?
How long will it take to assemble my infrared sauna?
Does infrared light or heat pose any dangers?
What is the maximum temperature of an infrared sauna?
How much energy does an infrared sauna use?
Why do outdoor saunas and indoor saunas have different heating systems?
Can an infrared sauna be installed in a covered porch?
What is the operational cost of an eight person sauna? Can a sauna be taken apart and resold?

Customer Product Questions

Is this a FIR
would like to know how tall this is? also are you using carbon wave 360 technology? are they nano carbon heating panels? do you use quality hinges on the door?
home is in north vancouver. do you have a contact person for someone that would be willing to install the sauna?
Is this price in CAN $ and is shipped from a Canadian warehouse or is it coming from the states in which case it is subject to custom duties and taxes. Is this an excellent one person sauna and is this Far or near infrared. Thanks, Mohd
Which wood is better and why?
I see that you are based in Tampa. I am in PEI Canada. Are your items shipped within Canada or will I get charged Customs Duty on shipments from the USA? Thank you.
Is this heater low EMF like the saunas? Thanks Mandy
I'm leaving in BC, I don't really have winter, can I put this sauna outside?
I live in Ontario Canada Will I have to pay any duty, tariffs or any additional costs above purchase price, tax and shipping?
what is the dimensions of the door. What size is the door (opening)? Is the price in US dollars or Canadian? What are shipping charges to Canada? and any duty or tax costs?
What is the ionizer for? Also to confirm there is no GST? Also free shipping?
Can this sauna be installed inside a gazebo that sits outside on a deck? Gazebo is water resistant.
if I assembled this sauna in a room then I change my mind and want to move it to another room, will it come apart easly and just reverse the instructions?
1) Do the Carbon Emitter Panels have a cloth covering? 2) Are the Carbon Emitter Panels removable for cleaning? 3) If not, how does one clean the Base-Floor Emitter Panel from excessive sweat? 4) Is there any Plywood construction in the walls, base or root that can contribute to VOC's ?
1) Are the Carbon Emitter panels 100% carbon panels or Carbon Fibers sprayed on Plastic or Fiber Glass? 2) Is the Chromotherapy Light based on LED's? 3) Are there any duties to be paid upon delivery of the sauna unit? 4) Regarding Taxes; The website indicates no taxes. I live in British Columbia so there must be some element of taxes whether PST or GST to be paid?
What are the EMF levels????
Which sauna can be installed outdoors? We live in CA in a moderate climate and it will be in a partially covered patio. We have an outdoor outlet.
For the space that I have in my remodel - I cannot have the door on the long dimension - It would have to be on the short dimension of the rectangle. Is this possible?
What are typical EMF readings inside the Ultra Low 2 person model?
Is this an indoor or outdoor sauna?
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