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How do I use an infrared sauna?

Using an infrared sauna is easy! Follow just a few simple guidelines and you can increase the overall benefits of your sauna sessions. Once you're familiar with the controls of your sauna, feel free to adjust the guildelines to suits your personal needs. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after you use your sauna. Preheat your sauna to the desired temperature approximately 20-30 minutes before you get in. The time needed to heat the sauna depends on the sauna's size and the ambient temperature. Most sauna beginners set their saunas in the range of 110° F to 118° F. Experiment in small increments until you find the temperature you like best. While the sauna preheats, prepare yourself. If you take a warm bath or shower, or do some light physical exercises, it will decrease the time it takes for your body to perspire once you enter the sauna. Now you're ready! In the beginning, use the sauna once or twice per week. Wear as little clothing as is comfortable for you--infrared rays cannot easily penetrate clothing. Take two towels into the sauna with you: one is to sit on and the other is to wipe sweat off your skin. At first, set a timer for 15 to 20 minutes. Over time, you can add more time. While in the sauna, focus on relaxing and meditating. Allow yourself to destress. Massage sore and tense muscles. Wipe away excess sweat to allow for more intense sweating. If at any point you become dizzy, sleepy, or experience any pain or discomfort, exit the sauna at once. When the timer announces the session is over, turn off the power and remain in the sauna with the door ajar for about 10 minutes. This gives your body an opportunity to cool down slowly. Wait at least 20 minutes and then take a warm shower to wash the sweat off your body.

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