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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  • What's the Difference between Hemlock and Red Cedar in Sauna Construction?



    Few people take into consideration the type of wood used in the construction of their home sauna. Believe it or not, the wood is an important factor in your decision making and the production process of your infrared sauna's manufacturer. Producers build saunas using hemlock and red cedar the majority of the time because these woods are strong, resilient, and low in toxicity once they have been kiln dried. As you search for a new infrared sauna for your home, you'll have to decide between hemlock and red cedar. So, what's the difference?


    What's considered during Construction?

    When manufacturers are building infrared saunas, there are a number of different characteristics of wood that they take into consideration. Among the most important are the following:

    • Wood toxicity: As alluded to above, toxicity of wood is heavily weighed during the selection process. You use an infrared sauna to flush toxins from your body, so wood needs to respond properly to kiln heating to remove natural oils and resins that could reduce the detox benefits of a sauna.
    • Wood weight: Heavier wood makes the production process of an infrared sauna more expensive because more hardware needs to be used to secure the construction of the sauna.
    • Shrinkage: As your sauna heats up and cools down over time, the wood is bound to crack or splinter. Woods that are more resistant to shrinkage are ideal in providing longer usage life to infrared saunas.
    • Crushing strength: While construction strength and durability of wood are taken into consideration, it is also important to ensure that wood won't crack or give under the pressure of human weight while in use.


    Hemlock Infrared Saunas

    Hemlock is one of the most popular types of wood used in the production of infrared saunas. The wood is light in color and comes with a lower cost, making it more affordable from the outset to build saunas using hemlock. On top of that, the heavier weight (compared to red cedar) and greater crushing strength make it less expensive to produce as heavy-duty fixtures aren't required to secure the end product.

    Additionally, hemlock is more resistant to shrinkage, giving it a longer usage life compared to others as it resists cracking and splitting. Finally, hemlock is non-allergenic, non-toxic, and has little to no wood aroma, making it beneficial to your body and creating an enjoyable atmosphere for any users.


    Red Cedar Infrared Saunas

    Red cedar is an increasingly popular choice as a construction material for infrared saunas. Red cedar is more expensive to procure, but it is lighter in weight than hemlock and extremely strong in its own right. This means it's less expensive to construct than other wood models because, again, heavy-duty fixtures and hardware aren't often required to build a secure product. Like hemlock, red cedar is non-toxic, though a small percentage of users may experience an allergic reaction to the natural oils and resins in red cedar. Many people find that the intense aroma of red cedar adds a little something extra to the sauna experience.


    Whether the Hemlock or Red Cedar Infrared Sauna is right for you, Saunas and Stuff, CA has what you’re looking for. With free shipping to most major Canadian metropolitan areas, Saunas and Stuff makes it easy to purchase a Sauna for your home!


  • Why It’s a Good Idea to Stretch in Your Sauna

    Portrait of sexy woman stretching at sauna

    There are many health benefits one can experience from regular sauna use and some would say there are even more health benefits to be had from regular infrared sauna use. Either way, reaping the benefits from regular sauna use can be enhanced with certain activities, and we’ve got one in mind that anyone can do!

    One word: STRETCH. Stretching is one of the best things that you can do for your body, and it can be even better for you when done during a sauna session. Your stretching doesn’t have to be too extreme, even light stretching to loosen and extend your muscles is beneficial. When you combine the heat from your sauna with the effects of stretching your muscles, you’re increasing the health benefits for your body.

    Heat from your sauna helps to flush out lactic acid in your body, which helps release tension from your muscles. By stretching and sweating from the heat of the sauna, you are loosening up your muscles, increasing your flexibility, as well as flushing out this lactic acid. Whether you’re stretching in a traditional sauna or an infrared sauna, you are bound to reap similar benefits.

    Stretching can be a relaxing form of exercise that works to improve your body as you burn calories. Although it is not an aggressive form of exercise, when you are in the presence of the heat from the sauna, your body has to work harder when stretching, increasing how much you are sweating and the toxins that are released from your body. Although this may seem like it has a relatively low-impact on your body, you’re likely to increase weight loss just by increasing the amount of time you take to stretch during your sauna sessions.

    With weight loss and the release of toxins, you are bound to improve the health of the systems within your body. Stretching is meant to be a relaxing form of exercise and it is often accompanied with meditation. As you stretch and feel better physically, you are more likely to let loose mentally and emotionally too, and give your mind a chance to relax along with your body!

    You’re less likely to put extra wear or tear on your muscles when you stretch in your sauna because your muscles are warmed up by the heat. This helps you avoid pulling muscles by over-extending them before they are warm enough. Your heart is also pumping well, as your blood vessels are dilated from the heat, bringing more oxygen to the muscles and in turn, helping them stretch better.

    From your insides to your outsides, stretching daily through your sauna session can lead to a lot of health improvements and benefits for your body. Your body is your instrument and it is extremely important to take care of it. Carefully try stretching in your sauna to see the difference it can make!

    If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of owning your own home infrared sauna, check out our selection, here! We even ship free to most major Canadian metropolitan areas!



  • Featured Product: 6-Person Carbon Fiber Sauna with TV!


    The greatest part about using your sauna is that each sauna session is an opportunity to detoxify and regenerate, so that you feel refreshed and healthy. Whether you’re using it after a workout, a long day at work, or before you get your day started, you want to be able to maximize your sauna session and enjoy full relaxation. Owning your own home-sauna is a welcomed luxury, but it’s important that you pick one that is right for you and your family. Our six-person carbon fiber sauna with TV is perfect for large families, or those who entertain often!

    This sauna is the largest one available on the Saunas & Stuff Canada website and will provide you, your family and friends with the space you need to truly feel refreshed and renewed after your sauna session. With this sauna, you’ll be relaxing with lots of space to lounge, have friends over, and watch TV – all while you are detoxifying!

    You always want to make sure that your sauna is kept clean so that it is a healthy environment for you and others to be in. Six people is not a small amount for a sauna to have inside at one time, but this infrared sauna offers a battery powered air ionizer, removing all bacteria and odors from the air. Your sauna will stay pure and fresh, and be ready to use at all times!

    This sauna consists of Canadian Hemlock wood and tongue and groove construction with non-toxic glues on the interior and non-toxic finishes on the exterior. The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty, with a seven-year warranty on the heaters, cabinet and electrical and a one-year warranty on the stereo and TV.

    Measuring at 73 inches X 67 inches X 78.5 inches, the size of this sauna provides you and your family with space to comfortably enjoy a sauna session with several other people. You have enough room in this sauna to bring in extra towels, and it has cup holders for your beverages. Don’t forget - hydration is key to enjoying your sauna session, as you will be detoxifying and can become easily dehydrated through this process. Be sure to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated during this process. In the case of beverages in your sauna, always be careful and remember to take them with you when you leave for safety purposes.

    This sauna offers some special features, to increase your relaxation and enjoyment of your sauna session. You can easily take advantage of the feature of a moveable backrest where you can place the backrest against any wall or back of the bench in the sauna that you would like, to help give you some support and keep you relaxed. There are two different leveled benches in this sauna, as opposed to the typical standard bench. This gives people the opportunity to spread out a bit and sit at different levels.

    So grab the kids or the neighbors… or maybe just the remote and some water, and lay back and enjoy all the space and features that the six-person carbon fiber sauna has to offer!



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