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Featured Product: 6-Person Carbon Fiber Sauna with TV!


The greatest part about using your sauna is that each sauna session is an opportunity to detoxify and regenerate, so that you feel refreshed and healthy. Whether you’re using it after a workout, a long day at work, or before you get your day started, you want to be able to maximize your sauna session and enjoy full relaxation. Owning your own home-sauna is a welcomed luxury, but it’s important that you pick one that is right for you and your family. Our six-person carbon fiber sauna with TV is perfect for large families, or those who entertain often!

This sauna is the largest one available on the Saunas & Stuff Canada website and will provide you, your family and friends with the space you need to truly feel refreshed and renewed after your sauna session. With this sauna, you’ll be relaxing with lots of space to lounge, have friends over, and watch TV – all while you are detoxifying!

You always want to make sure that your sauna is kept clean so that it is a healthy environment for you and others to be in. Six people is not a small amount for a sauna to have inside at one time, but this infrared sauna offers a battery powered air ionizer, removing all bacteria and odors from the air. Your sauna will stay pure and fresh, and be ready to use at all times!

This sauna consists of Canadian Hemlock wood and tongue and groove construction with non-toxic glues on the interior and non-toxic finishes on the exterior. The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty, with a seven-year warranty on the heaters, cabinet and electrical and a one-year warranty on the stereo and TV.

Measuring at 73 inches X 67 inches X 78.5 inches, the size of this sauna provides you and your family with space to comfortably enjoy a sauna session with several other people. You have enough room in this sauna to bring in extra towels, and it has cup holders for your beverages. Don’t forget - hydration is key to enjoying your sauna session, as you will be detoxifying and can become easily dehydrated through this process. Be sure to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated during this process. In the case of beverages in your sauna, always be careful and remember to take them with you when you leave for safety purposes.

This sauna offers some special features, to increase your relaxation and enjoyment of your sauna session. You can easily take advantage of the feature of a moveable backrest where you can place the backrest against any wall or back of the bench in the sauna that you would like, to help give you some support and keep you relaxed. There are two different leveled benches in this sauna, as opposed to the typical standard bench. This gives people the opportunity to spread out a bit and sit at different levels.

So grab the kids or the neighbors… or maybe just the remote and some water, and lay back and enjoy all the space and features that the six-person carbon fiber sauna has to offer!



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