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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • Does Regular Sauna Use Help You Live Longer?


    Rumor has it that regular sauna use has its benefits and can help you live longer. Well, rumor no more --- it is, in fact, true! Regular sauna use has proven to have multiple health benefits for individuals, specifically men,ultimately leading them to a healthier and longer life.

    In Eastern Finland, a study was completed tracking men’s health in relation to regular sauna use. The study, beginning in 1984, assessed over 2,000 middle-aged, Finnish males, who used saunas anywhere from once a week to everyday.

    The study found that the risk of death caused by a sudden heart attack was 22 percent lower for males who used the sauna two or three times a week and 66 percent lower than the average male, for those individuals using the sauna anywhere between four and seven times per week. Risks of all heart conditions were reduced most by men who spent more than 20 minutes in their sauna sessions, nearly everyday.

    With very warm temperatures, it is thought to be the high temperatures and humidity that cause advantageous physiological changes in the cardiovascular system. Earlier research showed that the heat from saunas helps to improve the function of blood vessels and even lowers blood pressure in individuals who experience hypertension.

    The more time that spent in the sauna, the better the health results. New studies continue to find more health benefits, including benefits of hot sauna baths. Along with fewer deaths from heart attacks, fewer deaths and issues with strokes were linked to extended and frequent sauna time.

    Although the study was only conducted on middle-aged men, Rita Redberg, a San Francisco cardiologist says, “it should apply equally to both sexes. There’s no physiological reason why it wouldn’t.” So not only is this study great news for men, but women can enjoy the health benefits of regular sauna use as well!

    For some time now, it has also been known for saunas to be great de-stressors for all individuals. Now, as it turns out, this 20-minute period of frequent relaxation is beneficial for both the mind and the body.

    The next time you’re at the gym, give the sauna a try! If you’re someone who would like to have easier access to a sauna and would like to start using it on a regular basis, a home sauna might be a good investment for you. Our selection of home saunas are perfect for your home, no matter how much (or little) space you have.



  • The History of Infrared Technology

    Many people wonder what the differences are between traditional saunas and infrared saunas and, furthermore, what infrared technology is and the history behind it. It’s slowly becoming common knowledge that infrared saunas have many health benefits, but what’s not so commonly known is the history behind infrared technology. Below, is a brief look into the history of this now commonly-used technology.

    Infrared light has a longer wavelength than red light, which is the color with the longest wavelength of visible light. This longer wavelength indicates a lower frequency; infrared light has an extremely low frequency. Over 75 percent of the sun’s rays are considered ‘infrared,’ and we take this heat from the sun and radiate it through our bodies.

    Wavelength Diagram

    Sir William Herschel studied the temperatures of colors and came to the understanding that the temperatures rose from violet to red. With further research, Herschel was able to measure the temperature beyond the red portion of the spectrum, to see that the area beyond this part had the highest temperature and was a form of light beyond the red light. The energy given off from infrared light is not visible to the human eye, but can be seen with the use of specific cameras.

    The use of infrared in technology and appliances began in the twentieth century and has since been used in various products that we use in our everyday life. Infrared is a form of radiant heat and is increasingly found in more and more appliances. It has also been used in therapy, as the heat helps to heal and assists individuals in recovery from injuries, relieving stress, and loosening tense muscles. Through time, infrared has evolved to be a key ingredient in the creation of many appliances. Today, you can find infrared in appliances ranging from toaster ovens, to heaters, to grills, and now even to saunas. Saunas and stuff has a large variety of infrared saunas that have been known to have many health benefits for their consumers.

    As time continues, the world is bound to see more appliances take advantage of infrared technology. Infrared saunas are widely used and like many appliances that use infrared technology, have been known to be beneficial for the mind and body. These saunas are also known to have lower energy costs, as they typically heat up to anywhere between 120 degrees to 150 degrees, whereas regular saunas heat up to anywhere from 185 degrees to 195 degrees. However, the fact that infrared saunas do not heat to the same temperature as regular saunas does not mean that they are not as effective or lack health benefits. The infrared heating panels inside of these infrared saunas create even more heat in the sauna, so while you are still saving energy, you’re also heating your sauna just as much.

    Infrared technology continues to use light to create heat instead of a common heating unit. The development of this technology has helped to create appliances that individuals across the world can use to better their health, all while saving energy!



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