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Saunas in the Movies

What better way to get pumped up for a steam in the sauna than by watching some movies with saunas in them? Here's a list of flicks that might get you in the sauna mood.

Sauna in Another World: Spirited Away

In this charming movie, a young girl finds herself in a strange world where she must work at a bathhouse run by a witch. While the clientele in the film soak in big bathtubs, there's plenty of steam and a definite sauna atmosphere.


Sauna in A Foreign Land: Lost in Translation

In one scene, Bill Murray's character spends some time in a sauna with two German-speaking men (they are talking about papayas, by the way). He later leaves the sauna for a cool soak in a tub of water. Aahh!


Sauna in an Unlikely Place: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Another one with Bill Murray! In this Wes Anderson film, Bill Murray's character lives on an improbably submarine, complete with a library and a sauna. It looks more like a steambath to me, but let's not split hairs.


Sauna as Musical Allusion: The Blues Brothers

In one scene, the brothers sit in a sauna together. The scene is an allusion to the Blood Sweat & Tears album "No Sweat" (some tunes for the sauna, perhaps?). The Blues Brothers scene poses the cast identically to the album cover.


For a longer list of movies with saunas in them, check out this list here. Remember: don't take video devices or any other electronics into a sauna unless they have been specifically designed for sauna use. Otherwise, happy viewing!

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