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2014 Sauna Trends


Shower/Sauna Combo in Home Bathrooms

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A shower/sauna "cabin" adds instant glam to your bathroom--and practicality. The sauna is just big enough for one (or two people who really like each other). Afterwards, just take one step to rinse off. It saves space, maximizes the resources in that section of the room (electricity, plumbing) and turns your bathroom into a spa retreat.

Outdoor Saunas

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Traditionally, that's where saunas were built: outside. However, in recent years saunas have moved indoors into spas, gyms, and private homes. Now they are shifting back outside again. This return to the outdoors frees up space in the home, adds value to the property, and is a lot more attractive than a shed in the back yard. Some people are even using the top of their outdoor saunas as gardens or green spaces.

Floating Saunas

outdoor sauna or indoor sauna photo by Härmägeddon via Wikimedia Commons

Saunas floating on the water are turning up over and over again in the news this year. With playful structures like this "saunalautta" floating around and causing scandal in lakeside communities, you're sure to hear more about these as they pop up all over. Seattle has plans to launch several onto the waters of Lake Washington later this year. These uprooted saunas provide a refuge away and create new ways to use water spaces. Very luxurious!

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