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  • 2 Person Red Cedar Infrared Sauna2 Person Red Cedar Infrared Sauna
  • 2 Person Red Cedar Infrared Sauna2 Person Red Cedar Infrared Sauna
  • 2 Person Red Cedar Infrared Sauna2 Person Red Cedar Infrared Sauna
  • 2 Person Red Cedar Infrared Sauna2 Person Red Cedar Infrared Sauna
  • Color Therapy Lighting IncludedColor Therapy Lighting Included
  • 2 Person Red Cedar Infrared Sauna - Heaters2 Person Red Cedar Infrared Sauna - Heaters
  • 2 Person Red Cedar Infrared Sauna - Dimensions2 Person Red Cedar Infrared Sauna - Dimensions

MX-K206 Red Cedar Infrared Sauna Specifications

Capacity 2 Person
Dimensions (W/D/H) 48" x 42" x 75"
Seating Type Bench
Movable Backrests Optional
Adjustable Temperature 77°F to 151°F
Weight 350 lbs (390 lbs on pallet)
Wood Material Red Cedar
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
7 yrs on Heaters
7 yrs on Cabinet
7 yrs on Electrical
1 Year on Stereo
Construction Tongue & Groove Walls
Non-Toxic Glues Interior
Non-Toxic Finish on Exterior
Heater Life 20,000 Hours
Heaters 6 Carbon Tech Infrared Heaters
2 Back Wall
2 Side Walls
1 Bench Front
1 Floor
Watts 1750 Watts
Power Usage / Amps 110 Volt / 15 Amps
Certifications CETL Approved
Electric and Magnetic Field (EMF) Rating Low EMF: average 3.18 mG
at 3 cm off heater surface
Understanding EMF EMF Info PDF
Infrared Wavelengths 8.0 - 12 Microns
Warm Up Time 20 to 30 Minutes
Timer 90 Minutes
External Digital Controls Yes
Internal Digital Controls Yes
Ionizer Optional
Full Glass Door Yes
Internal Lighting Yes (Color Therapy)
Yes (includes MP3 input)

NOTE ON RED CEDAR: Canadian Red Cedar had a rich aromatic aroma. For the majority of the population, Canadian Red Cedar is the sauna wood of choice. However, certain consumers have an adverse physical reaction aromatic oils, shampoos with perfumes infused or certain herbs with natural aromas.

Easy Sauna Assembly

It typically takes about an hour to assemble the sauna. You may want a helper with larger models. For more great assembly pictures, see #8 in our Customer Photos

Infrared Sauna Easy Assembly All connections are easy plug in type.


easy sauna assembly

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Infrared Sauna Options

Movable Backrest Movable Sauna Backrest

Battery Powered Air Ionizer
To ensure your infrared sauna stays pure and fresh. The air ionizer removes bacteria and odors from the air.
(batteries not included) Air Ionizer

More Info

15 vs 20 Amp outlets

Check the "Specs" tab to see if this sauna requires
a 110 Volt -15 Amp, or 110 Volt - 20 amp outlet.

15 and 20 amp outlets


RED CEDAR 2 Person Carbon Fiber, MX-K206

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