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  • 40000 BTU Propane (LP) Sauna Heater40000 BTU Propane (LP) Sauna Heater
  • Gas Sauna Heater Venting OptionsGas Sauna Heater Venting Options
  • Gas Sauna Heater Timer OptionsGas Sauna Heater Timer Options

Sauna Heater Features

Natural Gas Sauna Heater. Quality and Value.

Made in the USA

Dimensions and Capacity

  • 18.5" W x 21" D x 28" H
  • For saunas 84 to 616 cubic feet.
  • Sauna rocks included with heater.

Gas Sauna Heater Instructions

Natural Gas fired sauna heaters create a soft heat that has long been considered the perfect sauna experience.

A Natural Gas fired heater is less expensive to operate and in most cases will bring the sauna room to temperature more quickly than an electric heater.

As with any gas fired appliance availability of fresh air and ventilation of the exhaust are factors to consider.

A subterranean sauna for example is not usually an ideal location for a gas fired heater due to the exhaust and air intake requirements.

The Ultra Sauna Natural Gas fired heaters are floor mounted and require no electrical supply. They are available with a standing pilot light or a piezo ignition system.

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4 Person Bench Ultra-Low-EMF Carbon Fiber

40,000 BTU Natural Gas Sauna Heater

Availability: Discontinued